Take Control of Slab Leaks! Call for Qualified Inspection Services from the Top Water Leak Detection Company in La Crescenta-Montrose

Water leaks are a bummer. It’s true. They cost money to repair. They rob you of time spent doing something you would enjoy more than repainting damaged walls. And, they have the potential to wreak real havoc on your home. The good news is that you can get ahead of problematic plumbing issues by enlisting the help of professional water leak detection plumbers.

At My La Crescenta-Montrose Plumber Hero, we have a team of certified, independent contractors that are always on call and willing to help you find hidden leaks that are just waiting to ruin your day. From top-of-the-line equipment to the most experienced plumbers in the industry, when you call us for help you can count on us to fight back against water leaks with a vengeance.

Be a Slab Leak Sleuth

Although electronic detection is the best way to find concealed leaks below ground, homeowners can seek out leaks too. Slab leaks tend to be masters of disguise, but they still tend to show their true colors every once in a while. Homeowners just need to know what to look for to realize their presence in their home.

One of the biggest clues is in your mailbox. Pay close attention to your water bill. Have you noticed a higher than average amount popping up in the, “Pay this amount now” section? If so, that is a huge clue that water is leaking from an unknown source in your home. That source is most likely beneath your concrete slab.

Also keep a look out for newly formed cracks in your floors, walls, and even ceiling. This could indicate the foundation is shifting. While there are other reasons for the foundation to settle and shift, if you notice mold forming in places or a mildew smell it’s quite possible that water is the culprit.

Call in for Backup – Our Slab Leak Repairs Are On Point and Affordable

You don’t have to fight a slab leak alone. We offer affordable slab leak detection services in La Crescenta-Montrose at unbeatable prices as well as water heater repair and trenchless sewer line service. Give us a call and we’ll send one of our professionals to investigate the situation and provide you with a plan for taking back control of your home.